Too often it seems as though people mistakenly frame activism, volunteerism, and community engagement as a glamourless chore - something that requires the sacrifice of a frivolously fun social outing. However, we reject this notion. In fact, we believe just the opposite. The City GRACE is founded on the simple premise that having fun and doing good are not mutually exclusive, but best achieved when coupled together. 

The organization provides urban scavenger hunts and Amazing Race style quests consisting of unique challenges that require brains, brawn, and benevolence. Each task is thoughtfully developed to inspire community engagement, provide a unique challenge to participants, and - most importantly - result in direct benefit to the community. 

A team's success depends on how good they are to others. As you compete, the community wins.

Leadership Team



Founder | Lead Organizer

Cal is the concept alchemist who dreams up each of The City GRACE's unique events, and then obsesses over the logistics. As Mr. Jack-of-all-trades (master of none), he develops the relationships with nonprofits, orchestrates event permitting, and crafts the clues that you see on race day. 

Favorite Organizations to Support: Homeboy Industries, Kapstone, Justin Rudd's Community Action Team, Child Creativity Lab



Tech Genius | Paramount Adviser

As the magic genie summoned to grant any tech related wishes, Liam makes sure that the website stays fresh, your registration is seamless, and everything works flawlessly. He comes out from his lamp to chaperon logic into The City GRACE visioning discussions and event planning process as well.

Favorite Organizations to Support: Hotel California by the Sea, The District Recovery Community, Homeboy Industries



"The event was incredibly well organized and lots of great fun! It was very impressive that a wide range of challenges were chosen and everything felt so fresh and detailed!"

- Elizabeth (Participant, Long Beach 2017)

"It is truly amazing to see what was accomplished by this great event! The entire [team] is thankful for you allowing us to be a part of it!"

- Stacey (The Humble Project, Partner Nonprofit, Long Beach 2017)

"I thought your event was amazing. It was just the right length of time, very fun, and made you feel good about what you were doing."

- Katie (Participant, Long Beach 2017)