On Saturday, June 9, 2018, over thirty people (organized in teams of two to five people) competed in The City GRACE: Long Beach.  The teams started their day in Belmont Shore before following clues that led them throughout the city. Along the way, the event participants assembled 48 hygiene care packages (each containing razors, socks, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, wipes, and lip balm), provided hot meals to several dozen homeless men and women, donated 34 pairs of running shoes, picked up more than 1,400 pieces of trash off the city beaches, provided 60 boxes of cereal to a local food bank, donated 28 children's books to a local book swap, painted positive messages onto 22 rocks, and completed 17 random acts of kindness (ranging from paying for a stranger's parking to sweeping the inside of a barbershop).


The following organizations were involved and/or benefited from the challenges of the June 9th event: 

  • The Humble Project
  • Justin Rudd's Community Action Team (CAT)
  • Beacon For Him Ministries
  • AIDS Food Store Long Beach


The City GRACE is not about who finishes where; It's about the impact that we make along the way. That being said, the more competitive teams like to see how they stacked up against the rest. Below are the race results. Congratulations to everyone who came out and adventured with purpose.

4:14:00 - Hot Mess Xpress 2: Keep on Messin'
+ 10:30 - Sexxxy Young Planners of the OC
+ 12:00 - The Other LB
+ 23:00 - Shama Lama Ding Dong
+ 26:00 - The Humble Project Crew (#1)
+ 46:00 - Mixed Nuts
+ 49:00 - Murray-Larenne
+ 53:00 - The Humble Project Crew (#2)


A special thanks to the folks from Away2Travel, who capture and provided many great images from the event.