On June 10th, 2017, nine inspired teams took to the beaches and streets of Long Beach for The City GRACE's inaugural event. In just four hours of adventure racing, participants managed to assemble and donate 50 care packages to The Humble Project Long Beach, round up 41 books for Justin Rudd's Riley's Red Wagon Book Swap, recruit 89 new followers to the social media pages of amazing local organizations like Hope Seekers, The District Recovery Community, and Kapstone, and pick up more than 5,200 pieces of trash off of our Long Beach Parks, Recreation & Marine city beaches.


The following organizations were involved and/or benefited from the challenges of the June 10th Event: 

  • The Humble Project
  • Justin Rudd's Community Action Team (CAT)
  • POW WOW! Long Beach
  • Hope Seekers
  • Kapstone
  • Beacon For Him
  • The District Recovery Community


The City GRACE is not about who finishes where; It's about the impact that we make along the way. That being said, the more competitive teams like to see how they stacked up against the rest. Below are the race results. Congratulations to everyone who came out and adventured with purpose.

3:28:30 - Hot Mess Xpress
+ 10:20 - Last of the Jedi
+ 23:40 - Spiritual Gangsters
+ 26:30 - 3XBLAH
+ 27:10 - Chubbs
+ 43:30 - The A-Team
+ 43:50 - Country Squaaaad
+ 48:50 - Team Tandem Bike